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The Torq Locker

I know that it has been quiet here for far too long. Things have been hectic with the holidays and the business startup… Anyway I have something awesome that I can finally openly share!

November 2014, after I destroyed my jeep’s rear ring & pinion at Field & Forest and later discovered how badly my Spartan Lockers were holding up to the punishment ; Cora Jokinen the President of Torq Masters Industries (the company that makes the Aussie Locker) reached out to Sarah and I about testing a new locker design code named “Raptor” that was being developed.

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The Spartan Locker

Spartan Lockers are in my experience are the worst. I bought 2 of these during my one ton build. Having had Aussie Lockers and Lock-Right lockers in the past with great success, and being budget build it seemed like a good idea.

The first one wore out after a year of wheeling. It was installed in my front axle and oddest thing is that with the lock out hubs the carrier never spun much. I ended up removing it last winter in favor for a grizzly. Upon inspection it had a lot of chipped teeth on the side gears and cams.

Now 2 years after the original install, I broke the ring gear, I pulled the Spartan locker out of the rear to find this:

The Spacers are cracked
This cam is the better of the two, some chipping on the pin and pin detents. There is also a lot of wear where it sat on the cross shaft
A close up of one of the pins. Note the nifty pin retainer, this is the ONLY thing that I like about these lockers.
Here is the other cam, similar wear as the other one. The pins and detent pockets on this one was really worn.
Close up of wear
Chipping and wear
Worn out pin
Both of these spacers are cracked
All the teeth had a lot of wear, but no major chips

wpid-img_20141123_120054.jpg wpid-img_20141123_120101.jpg

Yet More Damage

The last trip of the year to Field and Forest has traditionally been the major breaking point of the year for the jeep.

Last year I sheared the teeth off in my steering box, forcing me to upgrade to full hydraulic steering. Breaking things are almost a blessing in disguise in my experience. For example then I broke my steering box last year, it allowed me to move onto the next step of the build, which was upgrading the steering  and lowering the jeep 4 more inches since the steering gear box would not be in the way any more.

Lets hope that this prove true with this break…

Yet another broken rear driveshaft, this time cause by the rear output yoke of the NP231 failing.
Broken ring gear missing 2 teeth


Well I am starting to collect the parts required to build my new Dana 300 transfer case.  So far I have collected the D300, a rebuild kit and a set of LOMAX 4:1 gears from JB Conversions. Saying these things are beefy is an understatement. Once I get some side by side pictures you will understand, but meanwhile you can look are the few pictures I have. I am only waiting on my input shaft and adapter from NOVAK, which should be here tomorrow then I can start the build!wpid-img_20141106_172556.jpg wpid-img_20141106_172650.jpg wpid-img_20141106_172620.jpg wpid-img_20141106_172637.jpg wpid-img_20141106_172700.jpg

What I’m Up To Now

So since the rebuild the 231 been “popping” out of low range. Its odd because at first I thought it could’ve been the shifter but after disconnecting the shifter and shifting it by hand, it made no differences. I believe that its a failed snap ring because the rebuild kit didn’t come with new ones.

This motivated me to start the next big thing. I picked up a Dana 300 to replace the 231. It is a much stronger unit due to being 100% gear driven (no chain) and its about 4″ shorter and the 231, this will allow for better driveline angles. The other reasons why I want to make the switch is that the 300 is simpler (having only 6 gears) and that I will gain the ability for front digs.

Bad Picture comparing lengths
Dana 300 mostly tore down
231 ready to be opened back up.

I also managed to destroy my rear driveshaft during the last club run. Good thing I brought a spare.wpid-img_20141012_135711.jpg wpid-img_20141012_133712.jpg


So I got a little excited about going on the first shakedown run and I forgot to check clearances at full driver side drop. I actually did check full driver side compression because I thought the drive shaft might hit the engine skid plate crossmember that I made. So I ended up making a spare drive shaft  and trimming back 2″ going down the side and in the back.

Like a can opener


Here is a good shot of how close everything is, after trimming 2″ back