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I know that it has been quiet here for far too long. Things have been hectic with the holidays and the business startup… Anyway I have something awesome that I can finally openly share!

November 2014, after I destroyed my jeep’s rear ring & pinion at Field & Forest and later discovered how badly my Spartan Lockers were holding up to the punishment ; Cora Jokinen the President of Torq Masters Industries (the company that makes the Aussie Locker) reached out to Sarah and I about testing a new locker design code named “Raptor” that was being developed.

We completed a full year of testing the Raptor. The 2015 wheeling season was what I would call our best wheeling season to date.  We wheeled at some of the gnarliest terrain on the east coast. We visited Field & Forest “reds” at least 5 times including the newest trail “Sucker Punch”, 2 full days at Rausch Creek during Topless for Tata’s, various trips to local private properties like Rotten Rock, Pines Playground, and many more through New England. We even made it all the way to Florida to go play at Jeeptoberfest & Hard Rock ORVP.

The whole time we were running our 43″ competition stickies. We pushed this locker as hard as we could with everything from crawling with perfect traction and severe undercuts, the occasional binding, & even the desperate rock bouncing with full throttle side step.

Now that the “Raptor” locker has been thoroughly tested by myself and other testers with out any failures Torq Masters Industries have just released it as the new Torq Locker.

Last month after we sent our original test locker back to be inspected & tested, we decided that we loved this locker so much that we wanted to continue to run it.

A couple key features of the TORQ Locker:

  • Made in the USA from US 9310 Hardened Alloy Steel in and ISO Certified CNC facility – the best material for these types of gears, in the highest quality control.
  • No pins, we’ve developed a key-way design that can’t shear
  • No spacers, easier to install, less parts that could potentially fail. Spacer failures are very rare, but can happen, so we eliminated them with our design. The ease of install aspect of the spacer elimination is really the highlight of this design element… if you have ever installed a c-clip axle, you know it can be a pain to deal with the spacer and c-clip.
  • 2 Year warranty with no tire size or horsepower limitation
  • Slide-in design – only need to pull 1 axle shaft for install

Source: – New torq locker?

So here is some pictures of the install of the new Torq Locker!

The Torq Locker compared to the Aussie Locker

The Torq Locker and the Aussie Locker are both sisters, but with slight differences. For those of you that have installed an Aussie or two, you might of already noticed the major difference…Pins & Springs!

The Aussie Locker has four pins and springs.
The design of the Aussie Locker utilizes the four pins to interlock the cams together when installed in a carrier.

The Torq Locker doesn’t have pins but rather keys and key-ways. The cams are machined in such a way that they are keyed so that they can slide into place.

The Torq Locker doesn’t have pins and has only 2 springs. Also note the cups were removed in this design.
The Torq Locker utilizes a keyed design to interlock the cams when installed in a carrier.


The Install

Step 1: Remove your carrier and spiders. You need to save the thrush washers.


Step 2: Liberally Grease the side gears & drop on the Thrust Washer


Step 4: Drop on Thrust Washer and Grease Again


Step 5: Install side gear into the carrier, grease the teeth, and repeat for the second side gear. 20160116132946_img_0542.jpg

The grease not only provides good lubrication to prevent a “dry” start, but also aids in the installation acting like glue

Step 7: Grease the teeth on the cams and slide into place one at a time.




Step 8: Reinstall the cross pin and roll pin



Step 9: Install both springs



Step 10: Reinstall the ring gear, reinstall in your axle housing, and enjoy the benefits of the best American made locker available!



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