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Control Arms

The whole reason why i took the jeep down was to replace all the Ballistic Fab Joints. I was rocking the old design that was prone to failure. At the time that I parked the jeep I had 3 Joints that were bad. I had to warranty 4 other joints before this. Luckily they released a new design that is much stronger.

Replacement Joints Came In
2.63″ Joints with 1″ Shanks
7 Left Handed Joints 7 Right Handed Joints
Sarah cleaned up the control arms
All sanded, ready for paint
Painted and fully assembled

Building New Fenders

Since Ricky wanted a different look he decided to get rid of the flat fenders and make life simple and just run a tube along the hood line. This gives the tires more room for up travel since the flat fenders were getting in the way (and it’s sleek look of pure sexyness).  The plan is to tie it into the frame.

The OSJ club bender and Eric’s tube notcher

Like the hoop we used 1 3/4” .120 Wall DOM tubing.

The first notch
Bending the first fender
Several concentric bends to make the new fender tubes match the hood line.


The crumple zone. This area always sees a ton of action so it needed to be reinforced. Along with the tube it’s getting covered by a 1/4” steel plate.



The passenger side was so bad we had to try to pull the dents so there wasn’t a huge gap between the tub and the plate.

Drilled Holes to aid the pulling process
Pulling Dents to prevent gaps with the new plates








Now on to the next project!


Replacing Old Damage

Over the years the jeep has taken a beating. Since I am building a new skid plate, now is the time to replace the old transmission and oil pan.

The transmission had some large cracks in the bell housing for the past few years. Surprisingly the original was still working perfectly, excluding some worn out synchros.

The new NSG370 on the left, the original is on the right.

The oil pan, to my surprize still doesn’t have any holes. After years of abuse it still is pretty strong! However it’s capacity is about a quart less now , so it is time to be relpaced.

The new oil pan is on the right, the original on the left.

My biggest worry was that the oil pump pickup would be messed up, but it was fine. Another good thing that I noted is the the oil was super clean, along with the lower end of the 4.0

Oil Pump Pickup