What I’m Up To Now

So since the rebuild the 231 been “popping” out of low range. Its odd because at first I thought it could’ve been the shifter but after disconnecting the shifter and shifting it by hand, it made no differences. I believe that its a failed snap ring because the rebuild kit didn’t come with new ones.

This motivated me to start the next big thing. I picked up a Dana 300 to replace the 231. It is a much stronger unit due to being 100% gear driven (no chain) and its about 4″ shorter and the 231, this will allow for better driveline angles. The other reasons why I want to make the switch is that the 300 is simpler (having only 6 gears) and that I will gain the ability for front digs.

Bad Picture comparing lengths
Dana 300 mostly tore down
231 ready to be opened back up.

I also managed to destroy my rear driveshaft during the last club run. Good thing I brought a spare.wpid-img_20141012_135711.jpg wpid-img_20141012_133712.jpg

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