Building A New Robot

I was having a lot of problems with using my RC truck base, most of them being power issues. So I decided to use my old Vex square bot base. I was perfect because of it’s size and weight. The only problem was that I couldn’t power the Vex motors with the IOIO board. So I bought a really nice TB6612FNG Motor Driver Breakout Board for $9.

The first thing I had to do is wire the Board to the IOIO. Here is how I wired is

  • VM  : 7.2V from battery
  • VCC : 3.3V from IOIO
  • A01 : Right Motor (+)
  • A02 : Right Motot (-)
  • B01 : Left Motor (+)
  • B02 : Left Motor (-)
  • PWMA : IOIO Port 4
  • AIN2 : IOIO Port 5
  • AIN1 : IOIO Port 6
  • STBY :  IOIO Port 7
  • BIN1 :  IOIO Port 8
  • BIN2 :  IOIO Port 9
  • PWMB :  IOIO Port 10
  • ALL GND’s : Battery Ground (-)

Once that was complete, I had to modify my Vex motor modules to work with the new motor driver. This was as simple as removing the original pwm driver board out of the vex motors, and wiring them into the motor driver.


Using code I source from here,  I was able to integrate the Motor Driver into my application and test it.



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