Modified The Swaybar

Ever since I installed the swaybar to combat the wicked amount of body roll, the rear end of the jeep has never articulated properly. The swaybar I ended up getting was designed to be stiff enough that front sway bar is not necessary. The bar measured out to be 1.060″ thick and claimed to be 30% stiffer than an Anti-Rock.  Since the jeep was a daily driver at the time and had a crazy amount of body roll, this sounded good. worked amazingly for the street.

There were some issues that arose from having such a stiff sway bar though. The biggest issue was that the rear never articulated properly. A year later I finally called  the local machine shop and asked them if they could take .160″ off my sway bar to make it .900″.

The swaybar after being turned down from 1.060″ to .900″

The results were awesome! Now it is the about same stiffness as an Anti-Rock, allowing the full amount of articulation out of the rear suspension while maintaining stability.

wpid-img_22955050653535.jpeg wpid-img_22946559606872.jpeg

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