Stage 2 Day 11

Yesterday I cut off the existing coilover mounts in the front of the jeep. I then tacked on new mounts onto to shock hoops, with the mounting bolt location 4″ higher than before. wpid-IMG_20131220_163309.jpg wpid-IMG_20131220_163325.jpg

To make room for more up-travel, I notched the frame where the upper control arm mount is located on the front axle.wpid-IMG_20131220_163402.jpg wpid-IMG_20131220_163337.jpg

The next clearance issues I will have is with the radiator and the track bar. I might just raise the front end another 1/4-1/2″ to address these hits.

wpid-IMG_20131220_163446.jpg wpid-IMG_20131220_163512.jpg

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